How to Order

                                     Simply How TO Order !

1*  Click on one of the products at the left side. For example 'snacks/ crackers'.


2* Make your choice and fill in the wanted quantity. After that push the basket on the right side of the product. Confirm your order by pushing "add to the basket" and if liked  choose "continue shopping".


If you have ordered all your products choose "check out" to see what you have ordered and if this is correct push "veilig bestellen".


Agree with the conditions and then fill up the form with your personal data. After you have completed the form push "controleer order", to check one last time. If everything has been correctly filled in choose to send the order by pushing "verstuur order".

Congratulations you have now made your order succesfully!


Our prices for all products are quoted in Euro(€)

and incl BTW/VAT.

And exclusive inc shipping/delivery cost .   About paying statement you can choose          

  two kind of way’s to pay. 

* Cash on Delivery

* Transfer to our bank account


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                                              and Please Come Again!


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